These are fun and easy to create and they make great gifts. This is an instructional video class that will be emailed to you. The supply kit is available for pick up from our studio or contact us for a shipping quote. 
Please select up to 3 colors of Dorset wool roving that you would like in your kit and add them to the wool color selection section. If you are wanting to make additional sets of these you will need 1 oz. of Dorset wool roving per dryer ball; these extra supplies can be purchased from our webstore under felting supplies . Your supply kit will include 3 x 1 oz. bundles of Dorset wool roving, 1 x 32G (L) triangle felting needles and a small foam felting board. The felting needles are sharp so please watch your fingers when making these.  
Wool dryer balls decrease drying time by 30 to 50 percent, saving energy and money, they decreased wrinkles, no static, and safe for people with sensitive skin (they work well with cloth diapers).

Felted Dryer Balls Instructional Video & Supply Kit