Kids Craft Club

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To join please fill out the membership application form below for each child you want to participate.
Then register for the months you are interested in on our registration page. at the link below.
Special kids afternoon camp for August only in our outdoor studio. For more information please see our registration page and the August classes. 

We have expanded our after school kids craft club to allow kids to participate from home and from anywhere they live. We strive to provide a combination of fun and new learning experiences while developing self-confidence, decision-making and critical thinking skills. Crafts we make such as gratitude journals, weaving, sewing, game creation, holiday crafts and gift making all help to develop these abilities. We encourage each participant to express their artistic side and create their own unique work of art.

Our craft club is run as a monthly program with 4-5 weekly crafts depending on how many weeks are in the month. The cost is $50 for months that have 4 weeks and $60 for months that have 5 weeks. There is no commitment to sign up for every month so you can chose which months you want your child to participate but you must register at least least 15 days prior to the start of the month you want to register for. We need this time in order to collect all of the supplies needed and put these craft kits together.


Most of the supplies needed to do the crafts for the entire month  will be in the kits but we do ask that you have the basic supplies listed below on hand as they will not be included:

-White glue

-Glue stick

-Sharp scissors (capable of cutting fabric and paper) 

-A pencil with eraser

-Coloring markers

We suggest that you create a tote/bin for these supplies and keep any reusable supplies from your craft kits in there as they may be needed for future crafts (sewing needles, extra decorations, etc.)

The lessons will be in a step by step video file that will be emailed to you weekly on Wednesdays; this way the instructions can be viewed, paused or replayed at your convenience. We can also be contacted if any assistance is needed.

The entire month of kits will be ready by the 1st of each month and can be picked up from our studio, delivery may be negotiable for those who don't have transportation or we can give you a shipping quote if you would like these kits mailed to you. 


We try to make these craft lessons appropriate for all elementary school ages with minimal to no adult help required. You may want to review the lesson first and decide if your child will need your assistance before they begin.