Craft Nights at The Back 40 Grill

731 Island Highway East, Parksville

7:00pm on the first Monday of every month.

Join us for a fun Craft Night at The Back 40 Grill ; homestyle cooking and family friendly


*Maximum group size is 6 people and there are only 20 tickets or 7 tables total available per event ; please book for your entire social group at once or note when people are in your group so that we can arrange tables accordingly for safe social distancing.


If you are planning to arrive early to eat please call the grill at

250-951-2257 to make a reservation.

Framed Beach 3.png

Framed Beach $20/Artwork

 ***You must bring your own frame up to a maximum size of 11"x14"; glue the glass into the frame so that it will stay in without cardboard backing before you come to class.


Create your own unique beach themed art from our selection of sea glass, fractured glass, sand, shells, starfish and rock. You will be decorated on the top surface of your glass so please make sure it is secured in place.  All supplies except the framed glass and all ages are welcome. 

Nov. 9,  7:00pm-9:00pm

Felted Gnomes $25/Gnome

Create your own unique needle felted gnome; these guys stand approximately 7 inches tall to the top of their hat. We have many colors of wool roving, spun wool and mill ends for you to choose from. These needles are sharp so extra care is needed when making these gnomes. All supplies are included and all ages are welcome. 

***We will send you an email 1 week before the event to ask you to select the dorset wool colors for you gnomes body and hat. The color choices are on our crafts kits and supplies page. 

felted gnomes new.jpg
Dec. 7,  7:00pm-9:00pm
Tree of life newest.jpg

Tree Of Life $25/Artwork

Create your own unique tree of life by wrapping copper wire and glass or gemstone beads around a green coated aluminum 14" circular frame. We also have alphabet beads if you would like to add names to your branches. This beautiful artwork can be displayed inside or outside. All supplies are included and all ages are welcome. 

Jan. 4,  7:00pm-9:00pm